Sometimes there is a gap between the reality that exists,

and the one that you would prefer to experience.


I offer reflective conversations on the way you relate to this gap,

and how this relationship influences the way
you experience your life.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

     You can cultivate a relationship with the changing physical world that allows you to consistently pivot towards contentment. One of my greatest life passions is to study how peoples’ mental-spiritual beliefs operate in the physical world, both individually and collectively. This question has provided me with many insights that inform my relationship with my dreams, my hopes, my challenges and my disappointments. Over time, this learning has become the foundation for how I guide people to more clearly see the origin of their beliefs, and how our beliefs impact our experience of reality. Ultimately, through our exploratory conversations you may develop a clearer awareness and ability to express your unique truths and desires. While this process is inquisitive by nature, my role is as your coach.

Passionate, Grounded and Warm - Weekly or monthly sessions.

Rates negotiated individually and influenced by commitment.



Thank you so much for working with me.  It was an amazing experience and opened my eyes and heart in ways I never, ever expected.  Your work with me changed my life and was the catalyst to some amazing stuff.”

"I was telling someone the other day that Eza is one of the three top people in my life who has changed and influenced my life in significant ways"


I really appreciate your sincere energy and efforts. It is a true pleasure to share new experiences and try that which is unfamiliar in such a safe nurturing environment which you are able to create.”

"You always come to mind when I think about the teachers who have had the most impact on me."

Coaching is not a replacement for professional therapy.

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